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1 Dec 2014

The current issue of the Journal of Indigenous Policy, no16, follows an earlier issue (no 13) in collating and annotating material that is useful for understanding and addressing current issues of policy and service delivery. These journal issues are intended for use by communities, government...


4 Sep 2005

Ruth McCausland examines shared responsibility agreements and considers whether in practice they are practical reconciliation or paternalistic rhetoric in the Indigenous Law Bulletin .


4 Sep 2005

Megan Davis writes about the new United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in the Indigenous Law Bulletin , and asks whether it is relevant to Indigenous Australians.


22 Aug 2005

Indigenous peoples are increasingly frustrated by the lack of effective remedy in international human rights law and the convenience of the rhetoric of state sovereignty in relation to human rights as opposed to trade. Nascent Indigenous engagement with international trade fora such as the WTO...

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