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13 Dec 2018

Despite its potential to deliver significant benefits to cities and people, walking is typically overlooked in planning and investment decisions – most likely due to its routine nature. This report identifies key issues with the current investment process that present barriers to appropriate levels of...


1 Oct 2017

Young people’s attitudes to walking are generally very positive, with particularly high levels of agreement that walking is healthy (98%), environmentally friendly (97%), and enables independent mobility (78%).

The survey found the most common destinations for young people’s utilitarian walking trips are to access...


5 Dec 2013

This study investigate what supports and constrains walking for older adults.


7 Oct 2011

Analysing a 2011 Department of Health dataset on Local Government Area performance in 2009 against a whole range of indices that impact health, this paper finds that proximate transport access is an important health issue.

It is not a gender neutral either. It matters...

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