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15 Feb 2014

The integration of different forms of knowledge of the relationships between climate, people and natural resources is an important issue in adapting to climate change. With some of the longest continuing cultures on earth, the indigenous communities of Australia hold valuable knowledge that has not...


26 Oct 2013

The Climate Change and Risk Management: The Role of the Financial Services Sector Think Tank held on 5 December 2012 brought together members representing the financial sector, government and policy makers, climate scientists and academics to discuss the role the financial sector can play in...


30 Jul 2013

This synthesis report provides a summary of the research activity and conveys the key findings arising from the 18 month ‘Framing Adaptation in the Victorian Context’ project undertaken between 2010 and 2012. Due to the complex nature of climate change adaptation, the original research program...


29 Jul 2013

Executive summary: The focus of this VCCCAR Visiting Fellowship was participation in the project ‘Implementing tools to increase adaptive capacity in the community and natural resources management sectors’. This project aimed to improve understanding of the adaptation capabilities and needs of three types of government...


8 Oct 2012

The trend towards larger, detached, energy intensive dwellings in poorly serviced, low-density, urban fringe locations, leaves governments, households and communities vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

The planning and design of new outer urban areas, and the retrofitting of existing ones, affects the...

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