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Assisting universal community service providers to identify and respond appropriately to family violence
4 Aug 2017

This research project explores the best ways for community service providers to identify and respond to women and children who are homeless or at risk of homelessness as a result of family violence, but who do not specifically identify themselves as such to service providers....

Journal article

23 Feb 2017

Internationally, there are few studies that have trialled structured intervention programmes designed to prevent excessive weight gain or combat existing overweight/obesity for young people living in out-of-home care. The Healthy, Eating Active Living (HEAL) programme was designed to address this limitation and is, to our...


26 Feb 2010

An evaluation study done on Wesley’s family crisis unit - an alternative to motel accommodation for families experiencing the immediate and acute crisis of homelessness in the eastern region of Melbourne.

The aim of the family crisis unit is to provide comfortable...


25 Feb 2010

Talking it up stresses the need to listen to the voices of Aboriginal consumers directly, not just through the voices of Aboriginal organisations, in the formulation of health policy.

It emphasises the importance of seeking out and including the voices of Aboriginal consumers...

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