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9 Jul 2018

"OPCAT is an unusual treaty in that it creates no new substantive rights. Yet it could be the single most positive development this decade in improving conditions in all Australian places of detention."

When the words ‘Don Dale Youth Detention Centre’ are mentioned it...


6 Mar 2018

This report explores a range of initiatives and programs that aim to build a family-inclusive approach to child protection and child welfare practice.


Report by Senior Constable Ben Bjarnesen - 2016 Churchill Fellow
11 Jan 2018

Internationally, police services, as well as support agencies, deploy a variety of techniques and strategies to address domestic violence in LGBTI communities. Each of these services has their particular strengths and challenges, as explored throughout this report.


14 Jul 2017

This report highlights the true "health" in the health and safety of the tunnel construction industry.


28 Oct 2016

Executive summary

Each week in Australia at least one woman is killed by her current or former intimate partner (Cussen and Bryant 2015). Between 2002/3 and 2011/12 in Australia 488 women were killed by an intimate partner nationally (Cussen and Bryant 2015). When...

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