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24 Oct 2015

The evaluation of the Tiwi College and Sports and Education Development Australia [SEDA] program aimed to determine how the program was progressing in 2015. If progressing well, to next task was to outline what worked for Tiwi students, and indicate whether that could be applied...


14 Oct 2015

A review of research, key government reports and local approaches to support primary to secondary school transitions. Includes an audit and action guide.

Executive summary

This Report was commissioned by the School Focused Youth Services program covering the Cities of Stonnington, Port...


1 Jun 2015

Chronically-ill children who need to take extended absences from school are neither officially acknowledged nor assisted to keep up, according to this report.

Executive summary

Australia’s health system faces many challenges related to chronic and complex health conditions. Major advances in biomedicine...


5 Sep 2014

Flexible learning programs generate substantial benefits for individual young people as well as for their communities and broader Australian social and economic imperatives, according to this report.

Executive summary

The research for Putting the Jigsaw Together focused on the provision of education...

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