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29 Jun 2016

When Kevin Rudd and his people burst forth with their “Kevin ’07” election slogan nine years ago, social media was seen primarily as a dramatic symbol of generational change: Rudd was the future; John Howard was the past.

In this election, social media has...


7 Oct 2015

When the documentary series The Killing Season aired on ABC TV this year Prime Minister Tony Abbott lifted his arms to the press gallery and declared “Thank you to the ABC”.

This was the ABC’s 4th landmark TV series on political leadership but will...


19 Nov 2009

The February 2009 Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria was Australia's worst peace-time disaster that left 173 people dead, more than 414 injured, over 1700 homes destroyed and an estimated 7000 people homeless.

Coverage of Black Saturday was extensive and in many ways comprehensive. The...


21 Oct 2009

Tonight I want to talk about media empires. They have been giants in our lives. And in these early days of a new millennium, shockwaves are being felt all around them. They now seem less like agents of their destinies than helpless witnesses to the...



Annabel Crabb looks at the changing media landscape from her perspective as an online journalist and political correspondent.

Media companies are desperately looking for new and viable ways to distribute their content - via the internet, the iPad, and a host of mobile devices....

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