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Journal article

1 Jan 2010

The aim of this paper is to explore the lack of retention of allied health professionals in rural areas in Victoria, Australia.A structured telephone interview was used to elicit responses from 32 allied health professionals from south-west, central-west and north-east Victoria about their working experiences...


3 Dec 2003

There are significant disparities in employment growth rates across metropolitan and regional areas of Australia. The capital cities typically fare better in terms of lower unemployment rates and higher employment growth and appear to be able to recover from recession more easily. This research paper...

Working paper

1 Jan 2003

This paper seeks to develop an understanding of the linkages between regions with respect to employment growth and to determine the extent to which national trends dominate location-specific dynamics. The relationship between the business cycle and regional employment growth is explored as part of a...


1 Nov 2000

In this paper, William Mitchell and Ellen Carlson outline the distinction between underutilisation and underemployment and discuss the limitations of the official unemployment rate as a measure of these sources of resource inefficiency.

They then compute a range of measures for Australia based on...

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