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The Navigator is your guide to leadership for social purpose. At the Centre for Social Impact (CSI), we believe that effective leadership for social purpose is one of the keys to achieving a better world, where people have the opportunity to achieve their goals free of discrimination and social inequality, where complex social problems are addressed, communities are diverse and thriving, and where organisations across sectors work together to grow positive social impact.

The guide draws on a wealth of resources including the latest and seminal ideas on leadership. It is intended for emerging and established leaders across the social purpose ecosystem, from not-for-profits through social enterprises to socially responsible businesses. The guide is an accessible publication for anyone who wants to be a catalyst for social purpose and effect change at a complex, systems level. You do not need to be in a position of formal leadership or power to use this guide; it has been developed for everyone working towards the creation of positive social impact in Australia. We believe that everyone can develop the leadership capacities to make a difference.

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