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25 Sep 2008

This report recommends the federal government implements a national energy efficiency program for 3.5 million low-income households over the next seven years. Although the government has committed to CPI indexation and cash assistance, cash assistant alone does not represent the best long-term solution for low-income...


2 Sep 2008

Presentations from this symposium at the University of Melbourne on 26 June 2008 are now available. Speakers: Francis G. Castles, Boyd Hunter, Zoe Morrison, Tony Fitzpatrick, Paul Smyth, Fiona Smith, Gerry Naughtin, Stephen Sedgwick and Tony Nicholson.


12 Nov 2007

The Brotherhood’s third Social Barometer examines how well equipped Australians of working age are for full economic and social participation in a rapidly changing world. Prepared with assistance from the Allen Consulting Group, it presents indicators of their capabilities covering eight key dimensions of life...


1 Nov 2007

In recent years, Australia has enjoyed significant economic growth, with rates above the OECD average (OECD, 2007). Not all Australians however have shared in this increasing prosperity. There is no agreed definition of disadvantage and/or poverty in Australia, however poverty lines are used internationally to...


10 Nov 2005

While there has been a dramatic expansion in the availability of credit in Australia, this has not been evenly distributed across society. The BSL and Good Shepherd Youth and Family Service argue that it is important to consider that not everyone who is on a...

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