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Xianming Meng

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Discussion paper

1 Feb 2016

By employing a computable general equilibrium (CGE) model with an embedded electricity supply sub-model, this paper reports the effects of a national ETS on the Australian energy sectors.

Working paper

15 Jan 2016

Using an environmentally extended MONASH model and a database containing detailed energy sectors, this paper evaluates the effects of an ETS in Australia.

Working paper

15 Jul 2015

Energy production is vital to the Australian economy, but the carbon tax policy introduced in July 2012 triggered substantial fear in the energy sectors.

Working paper

15 Jun 2015

In the absence of a global agreement to reduce emissions, Australia has adopted a carbon taxunilaterally to curb its own emissions.

Working paper

15 Feb 2015

The paper calls for a thorough revision of the patent laws aiming at balancing the high risk of innovation investment with a high return, and the formation of a functional patent market, channelling funds automatically into innovation activities

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