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10 Apr 2015

The financial year 2013-14 has been seen as a turning point for Australia Post. Over the period January to June 2014, Australia Post booked its first ever half-year loss since becoming a government owned enterprise in 1989. This was a direct result of heavy losses...


4 Jul 2013

Background: In February 2011, the then Steel Industry Innovation Council endorsed the need to map steel industry related research programs across tertiary institutions and research organisations in Australia. This reflected the industry-wide concern that while steel fabrication related innovation and research is being undertaken by...


31 Aug 2012

The current economic, financial and policy climate requires that government services have to deliver significantly better performance at significantly lower cost. This report details innovation and change in regards to Local Government. This requirement extends beyond a dedication to incremental and continuous improvement, characteristic of...

Discussion paper

Why governments must replace ‘policy on the run’ and ‘policy by fiat’ with a ‘business case’ approach to regain public confidence
4 Apr 2012

The public policy making process in Australia is adrift, notwithstanding regular affirmations by governments at all levels to an evidence and consultation-based approach. Accepted good policy making criteria are well known but an analysis of 18 recent major policies has shown that too few adequately...


10 Jul 2008

Executive summary This paper discusses the contribution that the arts, humanities and social sciences can make to innovation systems and innovation policy by embedding design and creative practice in innovation.

Innovation policy is a major economic development strategy - a strategy that is...

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