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Conference paper

1 Nov 2018

Public transport customer amenities cover a range of ancillary improvements which are not directly related to operations or service quantity but can enhance the quality of the passenger experience. Examples include information provision, passenger facilities, station/stop quality and personal security measures. While much research has...

Conference paper

1 Nov 2018

‘Forced Car Ownership’ (FCO) describes low income households with high car ownership, resulting in a high proportion of their income going to their cars. The cost of running multiple cars, combined with housing costs, puts considerable stress on low income households. Contemporary research has identified...

Journal article

16 Apr 2018

This article aims to explore public transport futures, but it also aims to challenge and “derail” what current common thinking is on transport futures.

Working paper

1 Jul 2011

Three broad aims were identified for the study:

to identify structural impediments limiting regional transport in desert Australia and between regional centres and outlying communities to examine the approaches available to achieve better local mobility to identify the significant research issues requiring further consideration...

Journal article

3 Jun 2009

All cities face the challenge of catering for often-conflicting economic, environmental and social objectives in developing transport policy. In general, there is a widespread acknowledgement that, of these, the objectives addressing social issues are the most poorly managed from a policy context. The impacts of...

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