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3 Jul 2007

In the past decade or so there has been a substantial rise in the indebtedness and debt-servicing obligations of Australian households. This has been accompanied by a trend increase in labour force participation (LFP) for women and more recently for men. Microeconomic data show a...


14 Mar 2007

This paper documents the clear change of view, which has taken place in Australia over the past three decades or so, concerning the relevance of the current account deficit for policy. Historical experience under a fixed exchange rate regime suggested that large persistent deficits were...


11 Nov 2004

This paper examines the relationship between social science research and public policy and its processes, and suggests directions for the best use of research in developing public policy. The author addresses: the dimension of problems confronting policy makers and researchers as they search for ways...


27 Jul 2004

Drawing on a study several Australian government agencies and their board members Meredith Edwards considers appointments to public sector boards in Australia and identifies opportunities for reform drawing on experiences from abroad.

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