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Paul Harnett is a Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology. He worked for six years at the Maudsley Hospital as a clinical psychologist in the fields of child protection and juvenile justice. After moving to Australia he continued to work for several years in these fields before moving into a research position studying early intervention programs for child and adolescent anxiety and depression. Over the past 12 years his work has focused on developing evidence-based assessment models and the Parents Under Pressure (PuP) program ( in collaboration with Professor Sharon Dawe. The assessment model (Capacity to Change, C2C) is aimed at helping practitioners in child protection understand the psychological and organisational factors that influence decisions in child protection. The PuP program aims to reduce child maltreatment in high risk families, including those with problems with substance abuse and mental health issues. The PuP program has been trialed in Australia and is currently undergoing rigorous evaluation in the UK in collaboration with Warwick University funded by the National Society for the Prevention to Cruelty to Children (NSPCC). A major motivating force for his work are the memories of the young children he cared for while working as a care worker in a South London children's home in the late 1980s.

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11 Sep 2008

This paper provides an overview of the research literature on the outcomes of children raised in families with multiple problems including parental substance misuse. The authors argue that until we have accurate mechanisms for estimating the extent of the problem and policies that include a...


27 Aug 2008

Guidelines on banning customers from entering Centrelink offices because of inappropriate behaviour are the subject of this report. The Ombudsman has received complaints over a number of years from customers whose face-to-face contact with Centrelink staff has been withdrawn because of their behaviour.



16 Apr 2008

The Migration Act requires that a non-citizen who is detained is liable to pay the Australian government the costs of his or her detention. This liability includes costs for the transportation of the person to and from an immigration detention centre and the daily maintenance...


22 Oct 2007

Whether a person is a ‘member of a couple’ can be an important factor in determining both their qualification for a social security payment and the rate of that payment. Based on the difficulty decision makers appeared to be experiencing in applying this aspect of...


28 Aug 2007

This report sets out to improve the Ombudsman’s handling of complaints about courts and tribunals; give courts and tribunals a clearer understanding of the Ombudsman’s role; improve public understanding of the role of the Ombudsman in relation to courts and tribunals; and improve understanding of...

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