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13 Jul 2012

The paper explains the construction, content and features of the first version of the Australasian Colonial Legal History Library.

Australasia has a rich and complex legal history since the first European settlement, and our knowledge of legal practice and precedent in the colonies of...

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14 Sep 2009

Australians continue to make very substantial contributions to the development of open source software and thus to the Internet's global infrastructure, according to this paper.

Many examples of innovation in relation to information goods involve works in which various parties have proprietary...


23 Feb 2009

It's now common to hear the claim that the global financial crisis will fundamentally change the world economy. In a new paper in the Lowy Institute's Perspectives series, Mark Thirlwell asks whether the changing facts about the world economy - plummeting growth, soaring risk aversion,...


10 Nov 2008

Research for this submission has been undertaken as part of a Discovery project funded by the Australian Research Council, ?Interpreting Privacy Principles?. Details of the project, and other publications resulting from it, are available here . The iPP Project is based at the Cyberspace Law...


26 May 2008

This article surveys the group of free access providers of legal information known as 'the Legal Information Institutes' ('LII's) or 'the Free Access to Law Movement'. It is not therefore about free access to law generally, but rather about a particular group of its providers...

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