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'City of cities' was a 25-year plan for Sydney, published by the NSW government in 2005.

The City of Cities — A Plan for Sydney’s Future supports continuing economic growth while balancing social and environmental impacts. It is based on anticipated population, economic and demographic trends.

The Plan has been developed with five aims.

1. ENHANCE LIVEABILITY Enhance Sydney’s liveability, by ensuring a diverse choice of housing for an ageing and changing population, close to services, while protecting the character of our suburbs and communities.

2. STRENGTHEN ECONOMIC COMPETITIVENESS Strengthen Sydney’s long–term economic prosperity by increasing the city and region’s competitiveness in globalised markets, and sharing the benefits across the city.

3. ENSURE FAIRNESS Provide fair access to jobs, services and lifestyle opportunities by aligning services close to where people live, and by providing access to high quality transport.

4. PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT Protect Sydney’s unique environmental setting and reduce the city’s use of natural resources and production of waste.

 5. IMPROVE GOVERNANCE Improve the quality of planning and decision making, and give the community confidence in our institutions.

The Plan is a broad framework to facilitate and manage growth and development over the next 25 years. It sets the scene for more detailed planning in the subregions of Metropolitan Sydney and in the regional areas of New South Wales. It sets the parameters for future residential development in new release and existing urban areas. It identifies strategic transport corridors and major centres best placed to focus commercial and residential growth. It ensures that sufficient land is available for industrial and employment development. It also identifies how local government will work with State Government to translate the aims and actions into local plans. Finally, it identifies how all these aspects of the future metropolitan region will be linked and supported with transport and other infrastructure. By identifying these needs, and ensuring adequate land is zoned and available, the Plan provides a sound basis for future investment. It allows the Government and the market to confidently respond to economic growth and housing and infrastructure needs, at the right time, and in the right location, to support Sydney in the next 25 years.

The Plan has been prepared on the basis that well managed growth will strengthen and secure Sydney’s economic competitiveness, and will make the city a better place to live for future generations.

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