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This metropolitan plan for Sydney was intended to update the 'City of cities' (2005).

Sydney is Australia’s global city and one of the world’s most highly–regarded. It is renowned for its unique combination of a competitive economy, dynamic society and a unique quality of life. Our transformation into a global economic centre has fashioned a city that is a magnet for people, businesses and millions of visitors each year. Sydney competes internationally for investment, ideas and people on behalf of NSW and Australia, thus delivering jobs and prosperity to the city, the state and our country. It is vital therefore that we anticipate the challenges ahead and plan to ensure Sydney can grow as a global city while protecting the lifestyle and environment that makes it unique.

In 2005, the NSW Government released Sydney’s Metropolitan Strategy—City of Cities: A Plan for Sydney’s Future—to support growth while balancing social and environmental impacts over 25 years. Five years on, that Strategy has now been updated and integrated with the $50.2 billion Metropolitan Transport Plan to deliver a new 25–year Metropolitan Plan for Sydney 2036. The Metropolitan Plan integrates land use, urban and funded–transport planning together for the first time—providing a framework for sustainable growth and development across the city to 2036. It will also meet the targets in the updated NSW State Plan—notably in integrated transport and land use planning. By linking land use planning and infrastructure provision, we encourage informed decision– making and investment. We will promote the efficient use of both public and private resources and support continued economic growth in NSW.

The Metropolitan Plan sets the boundaries for future urban development and identifies the strategic transport corridors and Major Centres best placed to focus sustainable commercial and residential growth in the future. In short, it maintains our course for a sustainable city by limiting urban sprawl, protecting Sydney’s valuable resource lands, encouraging more development near public transport and reducing the need for car travel. It means more jobs located near transport; more homes located near transport; and more jobs located near homes. This will ensure that the things people love about Sydney—our environment and our lifestyle—are protected and enhanced as the city grows. The Metropolitan Plan builds on Sydney’s status as a global city, linking Australia economically and culturally to the rest of the world. It also establishes Sydney as the gateway between Australia’s major eastern cities— Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Newcastle and Wollongong—and the major centres of our region such as Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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