IPA reform series – the case for reforming infrastructure service delivery

31 May 2017

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. It's great to be here in Melbourne this afternoon for the first event in the Infrastructure Australia and Infrastructure Partnerships Australia Major Reform Series.

As Mark said, we are very pleased to be sponsoring today's event and I'd like to thank IPA for bringing so many of the leaders in infrastructure together to discuss the reforms we need.

Infrastructure has been fundamental to our national economic success. It has helped underpin our high standard of living and enabled our cities to thrive.

But with our population expected to grow to more than 30million by 2031, we need to embark on the next era of infrastructure service delivery.

Australians will be best served by infrastructure that is well planned, well considered and well delivered. This is critical not only to meet the needs of our growing population, but also to enhance our economic productivity.

Fortunately, there are a few different levers we can pull to help meet our future growth challenges and deliver the best outcomes for infrastructure users. That is:

Getting the integrated long-term planning right

Making better use of what we've already got and

Embarking on reform to deliver efficient, customer-focused infrastructure services

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IPA reform series
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