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20 Nov 2014

Examines the consequences of penalty rates for employment, productivity, profitability and consumer welfare.


As a result of decisions by numerous state and federal commissions and tribunals, most recently the Fair Work Commission, penalty rates have become an important influence on the...


9 Mar 2009

This study draws attention to ageist stereotypes and assumptions of older people held by professionals involved in the policy, design and planning of the built environment, in particular residential complexes. Data was collected as part of a larger study concerned with the growth in specialised...


7 Mar 2009

These NHMRC guidelines aim to establish the evidence base for future policies and community materials on reducing the health risks that arise from drinking alcohol. The guidelines communicate evidence concerning these risks to the Australian community to allow individuals to make informed decisions regarding the...


28 Jan 2009

There is no provision for paid maternity, paid paternity or paid parental leave in either the current Workplace Relations Act or the forthcoming National Employment Standards. Conservative estimates suggest that about half of the female workforce does not have access to any paid maternity leave...


28 Jan 2009

Centrelink was established in 1997 as part of the Howard government’s bold experiment in re-framing social policy and re-shaping service delivery. Centrelink was the embodiment of a key tenet of the Howard vision for public service: a specialised service delivery ‘provider’ agency separated from the...

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