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Book review

19 Jun 2015

With Web 2.0, platforms and usage have become dynamic, the lines between creator and user have become blurred, and social media facilitates networking and collaboration. These developments raise questions about whether this medium actually enhances freedom by enabling expression, or facilitates harms in new and...

Book review

27 Nov 2011

The Internet—home to ‘cyber mobs’, liars, aggressive misogynists and purveyors of hate, who distribute their views with impunity. Meanwhile, their targets suffer the consequences of this predominantly unregulated arena for speech. The ubiquity of the Internet, the permanence of posts, and the search engines that...


28 Dec 2008

Universities are unique institutions in democratic societies. Charged with the tasks of conducting critical and original research in the pursuit of knowledge, and of training and educating adult students, they provide a forum in which both staff and students are encouraged to think for themselves....


12 Jul 2005

So far in Australia only the Australian Capital Territory has a Bill of Rights. Katharine Gelber looks at current gaps in rights protection and at how to win support for rights-based legislation. She draws on recent surveys of civic knowledge and social attitudes to argue...


21 Sep 2004

Anni Dugdale reports on the annual meeting of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences in July this year, where papers from a range of different countries highlighted different ways of dealing with the opportunities and challenges of e-governance.

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