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3 Jul 2017


Enhancing Vocational Education and Training (VET) to higher education pathways and transitions for Indigenous students is important. Dual-sector universities are well positioned to take the lead in strengthening pathways and transitions for Indigenous students by harnessing the opportunities and addressing the challenges...


26 Oct 2016


The Australian Constitution that ‘created’ Australia as a nation in 1901, prevented the new Australian Commonwealth government from legislating on Indigenous Affairs, a power the Constitution reserved for the lower tier of State governments. In 1967, an Australian Constitutional Referendum was passed,...

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1 Jun 2014

During most of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Australian governments developed a number of practices that ensured they and their agencies controlled the wages, savings and benefits of Indigenous people. Today, these practices are known as the stolen wages practices. They have substantially impacted upon...


11 Oct 2004

Is it possible, given the current state of knowledge and technology, to design the appropriate market structure for managed competition? Jane Hall describes the principles of managed competition and its development and application in other countries, then outlines recent developments in private health insurance policy...

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