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28 Nov 2005

Peter Prince and Thomas John examine the extent of the Commonwealth’s power under the Australian Constitution to establish a single national industrial relations system.


27 Oct 2005

In Ame's Case the High Court said that a Papuan man who was an Australian citizen by birth was not a 'real Australian' and could be treated as an 'alien' under the Australian constitution, including for the purpose of taking his citizenship away. The case...


31 Mar 2005

In this research brief Peter Prince discusses legal issues arising from the mistaken detention of Cornelia Rau, an Australian permanent resident, under the Commonwealth Migration Act for some 10 months between the end of March 2004 and early February 2005.


16 Nov 2004

In August 2004 Australia's High Court declared by 4:3 that failed asylum seekers who have nowhere to go can be kept in immigration detention indefinitely. In the Al-Khateb and Al Khafaji cases, the majority said that provided the Immigration Minister retained the intention of eventually...


12 Aug 2004

Significant fallout is likely from the NSW inquiry into the treatment of Australian asbestos victims by James Hardie Industries. Federal and State governments are already considering legislation to access James Hardie's overseas assets, and there are growing calls to 'lift the corporate veil' - fundamental...

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