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Paul James is a social theorist with three overlapping areas of research focus. The first is globalisation and its impact upon social relations, from national community to local community. The second is social change and the human condition, including the impact of modernisation on customary and traditional ways of being. The third is sustainability with an emphasis on sustainable urbanisation. These areas of focus are integrated through an approach to social theory called 'engaged theory', encompassing questions of social formation, social integration and ontological tension.

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Settling strangers; supporting disability needs
31 Dec 2018

This report was commissioned by the Western Sydney Migrant Resource Centre to understand the basic issues concerning the settlement of migrants and refugees, including examining resettlement supports for migrants and refugees with disability. The report applies the Circles of Social Life approach, which offers an...


20 Sep 2017

This occasional paper sets out to develop an alternative engaged theory of religion and secularity.

Journal article

20 Aug 2012

As the dominant site and sign of human settlement, the city exemplifies and displays the fundamental concerns of the human condition in the twenty-first century. Just as urban living concentrates us in close proximity, the city clusters clichés and sermons, critiques and self-serving assurances. The...


1 Apr 2011

What does the concept of sustainability mean? And why is it becoming more important in modern cities?

Researchers at RMIT University, in partnership with the UN Global Cities Program, are currently working on a new toolkit to improve future sustainable urban development.


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