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The Sydney Opera House: economic, cultural and digital value
16 Oct 2013

The Sydney Opera House draws tourists to Sydney and Australia that may not otherwise visit. This report assesses the economic, cultural, brand and digital value of the Sydney Opera House.


1 Jan 2010

Access Economics has been commissioned by the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy to undertake an analysis of the benefits of teleworking, including a broad quantitative assessment of the benefits of teleworking.

The term 'teleworking' is used broadly to refer to any...

Journal article

1 Jan 2006

It is argued in this paper that an externality might exist for economically disadvantaged areas, and this might take various forms. If this is the case, it is argued in the paper that public sector intervention of various types could be required. The important contribution...


10 Jan 2005

Bruce Chapman and Ric Simes outline a potential new approach for the public sector in assisting regional economies.

A novel aspect of their proposal involves the government providing some proportion of the required finance in the form of a loan to be repaid by...

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