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Achieving Good Design in Adelaide’s Future Urban Form

The recently updated 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide envisages our city to grow from its current low-rise suburban pattern to more compact urban forms. Factors such as 21st century living standards, existing land ownership, community expectations and market forces signal the need for new types of higher density housing.

New housing located in close proximity to employment opportunities, essential services, recreation facilities, cycling and walking paths and public transport routes will deliver a range of benefits including:

• Reduced living costs

• More active and healthy communities

• The creation of vibrant and energetic urban centres

• Reduced demands on supporting infrastructure.

The provision of well-designed higher density housing will also diversify Adelaide’s housing stock which is currently dominated by detached dwellings. It will provide greater housing choice to support our ageing population and increase the number of single and two person households. New housing choices will also unlock opportunities for innovative and accessible housing developments. As infill development increases, good design outcomes will ensure that new higher density housing complements existing neighbourhoods and is embraced by communities. Good design will support a successful transition to more compact, sustainable urban forms.

The guidelines are open for consultation until 25 July 2017.

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