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27 Apr 2009

This four year follow-up study assesses outcomes from post-separation family dispute resolution. It compares outcomes for two groups of separated parents who attended mediation over parenting disputes and engaged either in Child Focused mediation or in Child Inclusive mediation.

The Children Beyond Dispute study...


5 May 2008

The shared physical care of children following separation has long been a complex issue, and is again in the spotlight following the passing of the Family Law Amendment (Shared Parental Responsibility) Act 2006. Of course, in general, children benefit from having both parents involved in...


2 Aug 2007

The growth of child-inclusive family law dispute resolution in Australia represents a response to empirical and clinical evidence about its efficacy in the treatment of post-separation parental conflict. At the level of social justice, the approach represents a strategic extension of the United Nations Convention...


14 Mar 2007

Study synopsis

This study was funded by the Australian Government Attorney-General's Department, and conducted through a collaboration between Family Transitions, Relationships Australia and La Trobe University.

The study compared outcomes over one year for two groups of separated parents, who...

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