State planning policy 2.5 agricultural and rural land use planning

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The policy focuses on the identification and appropriate zoning of highly productive agricultural land throughout the state.

It also outlines the requirements for local government in the preparation of town planning schemes and local planning strategies  and is to be applied to all rural land in the state.

The four key objectives of the policy are:

1 Protect agricultural land resources wherever possible by:
(a) discouraging land uses unrelated to agriculture from locating on agricultural land;
(b) minimising the ad hoc fragmentation of rural land; and
(c) improving resource and investment security for agricultural and allied industry production.

2 Plan and provide for rural settlement where it can:
(a) benefit and support existing communities; and
(b) have access to appropriate community services and infrastructure.

3 Minimise the potential for land use conflict by:
(a) providing adequate separation distance between potential conflicting land  uses;
(b) introducing management requirements that protect existing agricultural land uses;
(c) identify areas that are suitable and capable for intensive agricultural pursuits as agricultural priority areas; and
(d) avoid locating new rural settlements in areas that are likely to create conflict with established or proposed agricultural priority areas.

4 Carefully manage natural resources by:
(a) discouraging development and/or subdivision that may result in land or environmental degradation;
(b) integrating land, catchment and water resource management requirements with land use planning controls;
(c) assisting in the wise use of resources including energy, minerals and basic raw materials;
(d) preventing land and environmental degradation during the extraction of minerals and basic raw materials; and
(e) incorporating land management standards and sequential land use change in the land use planning and development process.


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