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7 Mar 2018

Members of the Victorian Parliament have established an All-Party Group on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to learn more about this technology and the impacts it will have on Victorians in the future. This primer provides a basic explanation of some of the key issues surrounding AI....

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5 Sep 2017

This ATSE position statement argues that Australia’s mitigation and adaptation efforts will be strongly enhanced by the timely adoption and further advancement of science and technology innovations, supported by government policy settings that encourage investment in technologies already available.

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3 Jul 2017

Australia needs to embrace digital health technologies and focus on data integration and standardisation.


15 Mar 2016

Realising the benefits of Australia’s world-class research system requires translation of its outputs into economic and societal benefits. The effective translation of research will be at the core of Australia’s future competitiveness and prosperity.

In mid-2014 a group of ATSE Fellows, concerned by the...


9 Dec 2015

These pressures require the water industry to develop innovative and more efficient processes to optimise resource recovery from wastewater, according to a new report by the Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE). The report notes that Australian wastewater contains nutrients, carbon, energy and other inorganic...

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