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What it is and what to do about it
29 Nov 2018

Written for a general audience, the essays in this book offer many insights into one of Australia’s most pressing economic and social issues. They highlight the key point that wage stagnation is a problem with multiple causes and dimensions. It will not fix itself, but...


21 Dec 2016

Anecdotal evidence strongly suggests that internships and other forms of unpaid work experience (UWE) are becoming increasingly common in Australia.

Well-designed work experience programs can clearly play an important role in the transition from education to work, helping to develop valuable work-based skills, enhancing...


6 Dec 2013

The Commission’s Pay Equity Unit commissioned this research report to:

assist parties to equal remuneration proceedings under Part 2-7 to engage in productive discussion and work towards greater consensus in relation to the proceedings; and inform potential parties about the matters they might be...


16 Jan 2013

In late 2011, we identified unpaid work in Australia as a growing issue that needed our attention. We decided that further research was needed in this area so we could understand it better.

We asked Adelaide University Law School Professor Andrew Stewart and Rosemary...


12 Dec 2007

This free supplement to Breen Creighton and Andrew Stewart's textbook, Labour Law, provides an overview of the Rudd Government's plans for workplace reform. It includes details of the revised version of the National Employment Standards released in June 2008, together with an update on the...

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