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1 Jan 2019

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The broad discipline of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) has become a global focus for education and employment. Currently, Indigenous students are less likely to engage in STEM programs and careers than in other disciplines such as education, health, social sciences...


18 Jan 2018

In this chapter, Robert Hattam explores notions of citizenship and global citizenship through the prism of the culturally responsive school.

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22 Jul 2015


Like other developed countries, Australia grapples with the education of its citizens, particularly the scientific aspects of global environmental problems that require well-informed literate citizens and an urgent need for more scientifically literate knowledge workers. This paper takes this crisis as a...

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20 May 2015

In this article we engage with and against Foucault's provocation to think about diagrams of subjectivation. With Foucault we take up his meditation on spirituality and propose a Buddhist alternative to Greco-Roman technologies of self. Against Foucault's notion of an ‘arts of existence’ we suggest...

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27 Aug 2014

Sovereign authority to establish the colony of South Australia was given by Letters Patent (1836), signed by King William IV. The Letters Patent made explicit provision for the recognition and protection of Indigenous rights and interests in traditional lands and waters, establishing the basis for...

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