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17 Apr 2019

This article argues that the adoption of social and emotional wellbeing as an explanatory framework for culturally secure healthcare in prison is essential to improving health outcomes of Aboriginal mothers in prison in Australia.


25 Nov 2010

In 2008, 292,156 women gave birth to 296,925 babies in Australia. The increase in births continued, with 2,720 more births (0.9%) than reported in 2007.

This is the second year that the rate of caesarean section has not significantly increased with a 0.2% rise...


17 Sep 2010

In 2008, there were 61,929 assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatment cycles undertaken in Australia and New Zealand. Of these cycles, 17.2% resulted in a live delivery (the birth of at least one liveborn baby).

In total, 11,528 liveborn babies were born following ART treatment...


14 Dec 2009

The 17th report providing information on births in Australia from perinatal data collections for each state and territory.

The report presents demographic, pregnancy and childbirth factors of women who gave birth in 2007 and the characteristics and outcomes of their babies.



28 Sep 2009

This is the thirteenth annual report on the use of ART in Australia and New Zealand, and presents data on women who underwent ART treatments in 2007, and the resulting pregnancies and baby outcomes.

Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) — such as in vitro fertilisation...

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