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8 Jul 2009

For many jobseekers low-paid work is in itself not a good stepping stone towards a better job, so the policy focus has thus shifted from helping welfare recipients to obtain jobs, to supporting employment in quality jobs that offer opportunities for wage and career progression....


25 Feb 2008

The Personal Support Programme (PSP), funded by the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations and delivered by non-government and private contractors, provides two years’ intensive case management to job seekers facing multiple personal barriers. Recent research by the Brotherhood of St Laurence, Melbourne Citymission and...


21 Mar 2006

This is the final evaluation of PACTS (Parents As Career Transition Supports), an innovative Brotherhood pilot project that aims to empower parents to better support their childrenÆs transitions from school to work and/or further education by building their knowledge of post-school pathways and the contemporary...


18 Nov 2005

Interim findings suggest that the Personal Support Programme (PSP) is a vital program for assisting people with multiple non-vocational barriers to employment, but that several factors reduce its effectiveness – notably, inadequate funding to help clients access services such as education and counselling. While PSP’s...


30 Oct 2004

In the United Kingdom and the European Union, social policy is losing its economic rationalist spots at an increasingly rapid pace. Today a number of writers have been searching for a way to name just what it is that is taking its place. In this...

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