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4 Sep 2018

This is the first study to report on child psychosocial outcomes from the large, representative longitudinal BNLA study. The findings indicate sound adjustment for the majority of young refugees resettled in Australia.

Working paper

7 Nov 2017

This paper uses data from the National Assessment Program, Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) to document the distribution of Indigenous students across Australian schools, as well as some of the potential effects of that distribution on literacy and numeracy outcomes.


23 Sep 2017

This report explores various aspects of service delivery to migrant women who have been living in Australia for at least five years. It documents the nature and types of service available, and identifies best practice principles and key service gaps in service delivery for migrant...


8 Aug 2017

Young carers suffer a substantial negative impact on their academic achievement arising from their time spent caring for others.


27 Jul 2016


Rates of childhood immunisation in Australia are high and have been maintained at a high level for the past decade. Although most children are fully immunised, even small lapses in coverage can increase the risk of highly contagious diseases like measles. For...

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