Reforming the EPA - the impact on communities and the environment

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From October 2016 to May 2017, Environmental Justice Australia held 10 workshops in metro and rural Victoria on the Environment Protection Act and EPA and the reform process being conducted by the Victorian Government. The purpose of the workshops was to help the community understand what rights community members currently have under environmental protection laws; understand how the proposed reforms might impact on community health and the environment; and inform people of opportunities for community involvement in the ongoing reform process. Many issues and concerns were raised during those workshops about the way in which the Environment Protection Act and EPA operate. EJA conducted this survey as a follow up to capture the key issues that people who attended and those who could not attend have, in order to provider further information to the Environment Minister, the EPA and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning as they work through the detail of the reform. The survey was sent to approximately 185 community members, mostly people who had attended the workshops, and we asked them to forward to others who they knew were interested in the reforms. 128 people responded to the survey. The following information summarises the results of the survey

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