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17 Jul 2009

Using the latest available data published by the Australian Taxation Office for the 2006–07 income year, this background note looks at levels of philanthropy, or more specifically, tax deductible giving in Australia.

The note focuses in particular on how levels of giving, both in...


13 Jul 2009

This research paper on foreign debt is the fourth update of a Parliamentary Library paper originally published in September 1989.

The objectives of the paper are to provide statistical information on:

the levels of gross and net foreign debt; comparisons over time; the...


3 Apr 2009

This paper provides 2006 estimates, for each Commonwealth Electoral Division, of the number of persons living in poverty and the proportion which this represents of the total population. The estimates were derived from synthetic small area data produced by the National Centre for Social and...


25 Feb 2009

The Australian economy performed well in 2007–08, maintaining a trend that has continued over a number of years. Despite the strong performance overall, however, there remains considerable divergence between the states and territories. Generally speaking, Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory have tended to...


13 Feb 2009

Around 70 per cent of Australian households own or are purchasing their home. The rate of home ownership has remained remarkably stable at this level for over four decades according to data collected by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in its Census of Population and...

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