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6 Jun 2011

Professor Lyn Carson from the Centre for Citizenship and Public Policy at the University of Western Sydney talks about using deliberative democracy to solve the world's 'wicked problems'.


Lyn Carson Professorial Fellow, Centre for Citizenship and Public Policy, University...


6 Jun 2011

Leaders talk about holding large-scale public conversations, but they won't succeed if the methods are unsatisfying for participants, if an authentic conversation occurs at all.

In this paper, Lyn Carson presents the World Café method, a viable way of involving large numbers of people...


22 May 2008

The 2020 Summit was primarily a gathering of experts. What might it have looked like if participants had been randomly selected from the Australian population, to create a truly representative ‘mini-public’? A more diverse group, certainly, and very likely wilder ideas and greater community confidence...


13 Apr 2005

At a time when dissatisfaction with politicians is glaringly evident, the solution is not less democracy, of course; it is deeper democracy. And in deliberative experiments around the world, goverments and NGOs are attempting to extend citizen participation beyond voting, lobbying, and protesting. Lyn Carson...


22 Feb 2005

Many disappointed supporters of Mark Latham and John Kerry will be waiting for their next chance at the ballot box. But would the world be different if elections in 2004 had gone the other way? Maybe not, Brian Martin and Lyn Carson suggest, so here...

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