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Technical report

10 Jun 2018

Plastics are synthetic materials made from a range of organic polymers that are capable of being moulded when soft. Most plastics are currently made from fossil fuels, typically the by-products from the processing of oil or natural gas. However, there are now a range of...

Briefing paper

21 Jul 2017

This report exposes the systemic failure of the ACT's primary education system and offers recommendations on how to rejuvenate the sector.


8 Jul 2013


For several decades, the alternative commercial and economic uses and management of Australia’s native forests have generated considerable debate. In the past five years, this debate has sharpened as the native forest sector has contracted in response to increased competition in international...


30 May 2013


Settlements in coastal and bushfire prone areas across Australia face major challenges in adapting to potential climate change impacts. This report identifies the range of legal tools and instruments that can be used to influence the spatial distribution and nature of land...


15 Apr 2013

Australia's native forest sector has experienced a significant contraction over the past five years. This is reflected in log production from native forests: roundwood removals over the period 2009-2011 were 30 per cent below the average from the previous 18 years. Similarly, woodchip exports, a...

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