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9 Oct 2008

This paper uses microdata and NATSEM's microsimulation models to examine the spatial distribution of poverty among older single people and to test the likely impact upon national and small area poverty rates of an increase in the single age pension rate.

In recent months...


9 Sep 2008

This study tests two possible reform options and finds that they would be an effective way to reduce high effective marginal tax rates for around 450,000 parents, would benefit around 850,000 families, and would deliver additional assistance to middle income families living on the outskirts...


25 Aug 2008

This study shows that there has been rapid change in many of the characteristics of households in the top decile group of the Australian income distribution over the decade to 2005-06. Compared to ten years earlier, the heads of households at the top of the...


20 Oct 2007

Commissioned by the ACT Council of Social Service, this report provides up-to-date data on the characteristics of low-income households in the ACT.


9 Aug 2007

In 1996 Australia elected a new Liberal government, ending 13 years of rule by the Australian Labor Party. The decade since has been marked by strong economic growth and prosperity, along with substantial changes in social and labour market policy. This paper highlights some of...

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