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Professor Barbara Pocock has been researching work and employment in Australia for more than thirty years. She is an Adjunct Professor in the Business School at the University of South Australia.

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15 Sep 2014


The Australian Work and Life Index (AWALI) survey measures how work intersects with other life activities, as seen by a randomly selected representative group of 2,690 working Australians. Alongside its usual assessment of work-life interference in Australia, the 2014 AWALI survey offers...


7 Jun 2013

Climate change is leading to an increased frequency and severity of heat waves. Spells of several consecutive days of unusually high temperatures have led to increased mortality rates for the more vulnerable in the community. The problem is compounded by the escalating energy costs and...


30 May 2013

We live in a time of rapidly changing technology that impacts on every aspect of our lives. Perhaps the most noticeable changes are developments in technologies that enhance our capacity to communicate with each other and access information. Smartphones, laptops, broadband and wi-fi provide 24/7...


3 Oct 2012

In recent years a number of major events have influenced Australians’ work, personal, family and community lives. The global financial crisis commenced in 2007/8 and international financial markets have experienced continuing instability. The Fair Work Act 2009 introduced a number of changes to the regulation...


4 Apr 2011

Australia has a strong interest in seeing workplace arrangements that facilitate the reconciliation of work with the rest of life including family life, resulting in productive and sustainable workplaces. This publication seeks to provide some practical examples of strategies that are being used by organisations...

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