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22 Mar 2018

Why do some regions perform better with disadvantaged learners than others? Identified through the analysis of a number of data sources, this research explores the strategies and practices in place at TAFE and other private and community education providers.


Mitchell Institute report No. 02/2017
15 Jun 2017

This report finds one in eight Australians will never attain a Year 12 qualification, and some of these people make up the one in eight Australians who will be disengaged from the workforce for most of their lives.


26 Oct 2015

Executive summary An enduring view of Australia is of a fair and egalitarian place in which opportunities exist for all to get ahead and succeed in building secure futures. Education is viewed as one of the main vehicles through which this happens. But to...


16 Oct 2012

This report provides an independent, up-to-date and in-depth analysis of the education, training and work activities of young Australians.

The series provides important information on how successfully our education and training system is working to meet the needs of young Australians as they make...


28 Nov 2011

In this latest report in an annual series on the employment and education situation of young Australians, two significant long-term trends are apparent:

the stability of working life for young people has steadily decreased Australia’s economic prosperity is consistently not being passed...

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