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18 Mar 2009

Australian states have seen a recent upsurge in antisocial behaviour, including violence, in public places. Victoria Police commissioned Australia 21 to conduct a roundtable and prepare a report on the issue. The roundtable participants came from a range of relevant scientific disciplines and Victorian government...


5 Dec 2008

The health and wellbeing of young people, an important indicator of Australia's future population health, is declining. This development is of immense social significance. It has implications not only for how we deal with specific current concerns such as child abuse and neglect, obesity, media...


3 Mar 2005

Compiled by the ACQOL, the Australian Unity Wellbeing Index monitors the subjective well-being of the Australian population. Each survey involves a telephone interview with a new sample of 2000 Australians, selected to represent the national population geographic distribution, and measures people's satisfaction with their own...


24 Sep 2002

The AustralianUnity Wellbeing Index is designed to promote greater public and political awareness of the social factors underpinning wellbeing, as well as enhancing scientific understanding of subjective wellbeing.

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