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20 May 2016

Tenants, government and Indigenous/intermediary organisations assume a diversity of responsibilities and are often seeking different tenancy outcomes. Despite differences however, there is evidence of a recognition space occurring.

Culturally-based values and practices significantly affect the ability of Indigenous tenants to comply with social housing...


28 Mar 2016

Indigenous housing occupies a complex policy environment in which policies and programs are in intermittent states of flux. As a result, the existing frameworks struggle to deliver sustainable outcomes. This study considers how conditionality in housing policy and management contributes to housing outcomes, and what...


17 Nov 2014

Strategies to manage crowding in Indigenous households can reduce the negative effects for people living in those households, according to this report.

Key Points

Crowding in Indigenous households has structural causes, including the shortage of appropriately designed and affordable rental housing, and...


7 Jun 2013


Given the broad scale and fundamental transformations occurring to the natural environment due to anthropogenic climate change in the present era, what does the future hold for Aboriginal people in remote arid regions of Australia? In searching for answers to this question,...


30 May 2013

Executive summary

This is the final report following a series of five research reports prepared for the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs over the last two years on Indigenous homelessness in regional Australia.

The overall aim of this...

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