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27 Jun 2018

As any mother or father will tell you, being a parent is hard. Being successful at it is highly dependent on the personal and material resources of parents, and the emotional, mental and physical needs of children.

Journal article

24 Feb 2016

This paper uses Australian data from a national representative sample of Australian couples having their first child. Using data from before and after the birth of the child on a range of variables, including economic resources, gender attitudes, workplace flexibility, and availability of non-parental childcare,...


21 Aug 2007

This book provides a comprehensive account of how parents divide their time between caring for children, housework, paid work and leisure. By looking at how the costs and benefits of children are currently conceptualised and apportioned, the book shows what becoming a mother entails and...


17 Mar 2005

Lyn Craig compares the impact of children on adult time-use in four countries (Australia, Italy, Norway and Germany) with different approaches to economic, social and family organisation. Of the sample, 'familialistic' Italy has the most inequitable division of labour for childless men and women, and...


2 Feb 2005

Although working parents are obliged to use non-parental childcare, this does not reduce their parental childcare time on an hour-for-hour basis. How do parents continue to be engaged in direct care of their own children while also committing significant time to the labour...

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