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27 Apr 2010

News media in Malaysia and Singapore are often said to be constrained in covering political and public issues, in comparison with plural democratic states such as Australia. However, commentary also suggests that online communications are allowing more independent speech. This article investigates whether such restrictions...


10 Jun 2008

Parties in civil defamation disputes very often disagree about what the publication in question means. While the differences may appear minor for example, does the publication convey that the plaintiff is guilty of some discreditable action or merely suspected of such guilt the way in...


9 Jun 2008

In TV Futures, leading researchers examine television and its digital future in terms of platforms and audiences, copyright law and media regulation?issues which are increasingly intertwined and demand interdisciplinary engagement.

TV Futures offers accessible analyses for readers from across the fields of law,...


9 Jun 2008

There are varied Australian approaches to suppression orders under common law and statute. This article outlines notable aspects of the law and examines concerns that have been raised by commentators about practices in Australia.

Suppression or non-publication orders have been described as being made...


31 Jan 2008

Empirical research into the digitisation of collections in Australian museums, galleries, libraries and archives suggests that copyright law affects what material is digitised and how it is made accessible. This article analyses digitisation within cultural institutions in light of the Digital Agenda reforms of 2000...

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