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30 Nov 2009

New research shows that Australians are not saving enough to afford a comfortable retirement yet they are working less and spending more years in retirement than ever before.

According to this report we now expect to spend around 20 years in retirement after age...


5 Feb 2008

This report for CPA Australia evaluates the impact of Australia’s simplified superannuation changes post 1 July 2007. The report compares the pre- and post-retirement living standards for 12 representative retirement groups, based on family type, income level and retirement age. It reveals that there is...


28 Mar 2007

History, some might say, has been kind to the baby boomers. They have enjoyed affordable housing, access to free education, often generous welfare benefits and frequently favourable employment markets. Now the baby boomers – those people aged between about 45 and 61 years...


14 Feb 2007

This paper has been prepared as the first in a series of papers associated with the development of the Australian Population and Policy Simulation Model (APPSIM). The APPSIM dynamic population microsimulation model is being developed as part of an Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage grant...


11 Jan 2007

The housing boom has helped the current generation of older Australians to be the wealthiest generation yet. Potentially this means that the baby boomers do not need to save as heavily for their retirement, as they will be the beneficiaries of this wealth through intergenerational...

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