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28 Dec 2017

Despite a surge in workplace mindfulness research, virtually nothing is known about how organizations can cultivate everyday mindfulness at work.

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9 Jan 2017

The divergent and complex nature of the Australian community broadcasting sector complicates any attempt to measure its social impact, as does the general lack of consensus within academic debates on how best to measure, record, and demonstrate the sector’s long-term effects (Jallov 2005). This article...

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31 Oct 2016

Racist discourse has significantly shifted away from the use of overt racial language and has predominantly become a coded and subtle discourse. This article highlights how paying attention the ways in which language is used in its social and cognitive contexts can provide social work...

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24 Feb 2016

The growth of professional supervision in social work has been accompanied by complex attempts to theorise key elements of supervisory practice and highlight the need to further examine what constitutes supervisory support in current regulatory environments. Changes in human service organisations resulting from new public...

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1 Oct 2014

This paper provides an overview of the most significant public policy initiatives that apply to known sexual offenders who live in the community.

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