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29 Nov 2007

This paper investigates generational differences in Australian parents' desire for both a son and a daughter. The authors test the proposition that sex composition of existing children is an important factor in parental fertility decisions in low fertility societies, by comparing generations with different fertility...


21 Nov 2006

Income tax reform has been at the centre of the policy agenda in recent years. In particular, there is concern about whether tax rates are dampening work incentives at all levels of the income distribution. This paper examines the potential for reform of the Australian...


1 Feb 2006

Using census data Rebecca Kippen, Ann Evans and Edith Gray find that parents are much more likely to have a third or fourth birth if existing children are all of the same sex.

They argue that future widespread use of reliable sex selection technologies...


24 Mar 2005

Peter McDonald and Rebecca Kippen demonstrate how the tax-free threshold could be increased over a decade to well above the single adult rate of the Newstart Allowance and the gap between the company tax rate and average personal income tax rates reduced to less than...

Working paper

17 Dec 2003

Examination of fertility rates in Australia indicates a fall over time in both period and cohort fertility. Policy-makers and others in Australia are concerned about the potential for further fertility decline, given the impact this would have on population age structure and growth rates. This...

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