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5 Jul 2018

This research is the final report of the AHURI inquiry into ‘Pathways to Housing Tax Reform in Australia.’ It features real-world modelling and implementation time frames to steer tax settings that progress the efficiency, equity and sustainability of housing tax policy, and also presents meaningful,...


30 Nov 2017

Reforming property taxes can help deliver a more sustainable housing system with economic and social dividends. This research proposes a nationally coordinated incremental strategy with short, medium and long-term objectives.


19 Aug 2008

Consumption taxes are only rarely assessed for their impact on the economic well-being of individuals. This paper reviews various studies on this issue. It first describes the large differences in the size and structure of these taxes among OECD countries, and then reviews the types...


10 Nov 2006

Most studies of economic well-being now use equivalent disposable income as their measure of resources, ignoring the benefits of publicly provided goods and services and the impact of all sources of taxation apart from income tax and social security contributions. This study of the UK...


23 May 2006

Neil Warren compares and benchmarks Australian and international arrangements for the allocation of taxation powers and expenditure responsibilities between central and subnational governments, and mechanisms for fiscal transfers between governments. He concludes that Australia performs comparatively poorly in international comparisons of intergovernmental fiscal arrangements.

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