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13 Apr 2018

The key challenge for regional, rural and remote education is ensuring, regardless of location or circumstances, that every young person has access to high quality schooling and opportunities.


27 Sep 2017

An expert conducting a review of regional education for the federal government thinks Australia has become too obsessed with sending country students to university.

Discussion paper

19 Jul 2017

The discussion paper highlights key educational challenges and issues that impact on the learning outcomes of regional, rural and remote students. It aims to create a springboard for fresh ideas to improve outcomes for these students.

Journal article

1 Jan 2011

A discussion on the role of space, spatiality and history in the sustainability of rural communities is examined with reference to the space and spatial theories of E.W. Soja and some of R. Williams' and G. Davison's perspectives of history. The article also describes the...

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